HLA DR 3/ DR4(AIH, Addison’s, Graves Disease)

Category: Immunogenetics
Test Code: 146
Disease: Pharmacogenetics/Ocular Immunogenetics
Methodology: Sequence specific primers
Reference Range: Reported positive with subtype or negative.
CPT Code: 83891; 83898(x23); 83894; 83912.
Schedule / Turnaround Time: Assay performed daily. Report availability is within 48 hours from the time of specimen receipt.
Specimen Requirements:

Specimen must be kept in ambient temperature and should not be refrigerated or frozen. Collect 5 ml of blood in a lavender top Hemogard (EDTA) tube.

Sample Stability:

Sample is stable at ambient temperature and should be analyzed within 76 hours.


HLA DR3 and DR4 are markers for autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and has been included in the scoring system to aid in the diagnosis and treatment. The presence of HLA DR3 and/or DR4 may not be clinically significant and should be correlated with the presence of other AIH markers (ANA, SMA, LKM-1) to aid in the diagnosis.