Industry leading solutions for HbA1c screening and abnormal haemoglobin detection

Trinity Biotech manufactures industry leading solutions for the accurate & precise analysis of HbA1c and the detection of variant hemoglobins. The continued growth of diabetes worldwide has lead to increased demands for the diagnosis, monitoring & identification of high risk patients using HbA1c testing in laboratory environments.

Our patented boronate affinity technology allows you to accurately & precisely report HbA1c in IFCC & NGSP units with minimal operator intervention, enhanced workflow and reliable, repeatable performance. Additionally, with increased global migration, there is a continued increase in the prevalence of abnormal hemoglobins, the most common monogenic disorder. This demands the use of our boronate affinity technology to provide HbA1c results free from interference from practically all abnormal hemoglobins. Likewise, with increasing demand for haemoglobinopathy and neonatal screening services, we also manufacture leading instrumentation for the quantification of hemoglobins F and A2. Our ion-exchange HPLC platforms can detect the largest library of abnormal variants commercially available.