Contract Research Information

Immco’s Contract Research group
offers expert resources in immunology and autoimmunity to support feasibility and clinical studies for contract research organizations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our clients include Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. We offer:

  • Project Management
  • Specimen Management
  • Assay Development
  • Method Validation
  • Clinical/Non-clinical Studies

We understand that drug development is a complex and highly regulated process requiring intensive investment. With these considerations top of mind, Immco project managers work closely with study coordinators and pharma collaborators to develop a rigorous project plan and provide expert resources drawn from Immco R&D, Manufacturing, Reference Lab and Regulatory departments. Building on core expertise in autoimmunity and diagnostic immunology, our Contract Research group takes projects from inception and delivers on-time, cost effective solutions in a GLP compliant environment.

Immco also provides method validation services for immunoassays. Extensive experience with these assays has led our company to develop proprietary methods to enhance the stability of numerous immunological reagents in solution and adsorbed to solid supports. We also provide assay development consultation services.

Immunoanalytical Services

  • Assay Development
  • Method Validation
  • Immunological Reagent Production
  • Immuno-labeled Conjugates
    • Enzyme conjugate
    • Biotin conjugate
    • Other
  • Assay Development
    • Immunoanalytical quantitation
    • Drugs
    • Immune response to drugs
    • Method validation
  • Contract Research
    • 120 IVDs to detect autoantibodies and monitor drug response with 30 years clinical experience in
      • Dermatology
      • Rheumatology
      • Gastroenterology
      • Endocrinology
      • Neurology
  • GLP/Non- GLP Studies
    • Rodent
    • Primate
    • Human Clinical Trials