Board of Directors

  • John Gillard

    John Gillard joined Trinity Biotech in November 2020 as Chief Financial Officer, Secretary to the Board of Directors and was appointed to the Board as Executive Director. Mr. Gillard assumed the role of CEO and President of Trinity Biotech in December 2023.  Mr. Gillard is both a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor, having trained at PWC.  Prior to joining Trinity Biotech, Mr. Gillard held a number of senior financial roles including from 2012 to 2016 at Alphabet Inc./Google, and from Nov 2016 to May 2020 at ION Investment Group.  Since June 2020 Mr. Gillard has also acted as a business consultant. Mr. Gillard holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the National University of Ireland Galway and a Masters degree in Accounting from University College Dublin.

  • Ronan O’Caoimh

    Ronan O’Caoimh co-founded Trinity Biotech in June 1992 and acted as Chief Financial Officer until March 1994 when he became Chief Executive Officer. He was also elected Chairman in May 1995. In November 2007, it was decided to separate the role of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman and Mr O’Caoimh assumed the role of Executive Chairman. In October 2008, following the resignation of the Chief Executive Officer, Mr O’Caoimh resumed the role of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman until October 2022. Ronan ceased being Chairman in May 2022 and Chief Executive Officer in October 2022. Prior to joining Trinity Biotech, Mr O’Caoimh was Managing Director of Noctech Limited, an Irish diagnostics company. Mr O’Caoimh was Finance Director of Noctech Limited from 1988 until January 1991 when he became Managing Director. Mr O’Caoimh holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University College Dublin.

  • Dr. Jim Walsh

    Dr. Jim Walsh joined Trinity Biotech in October 1995 initially as Chief Operations Officer. Dr Walsh resigned from the role of Chief Operations Officer in 2007 to become a Non-Executive Director of the Company. In October, 2010 Dr Walsh re-joined the company as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr Walsh transferred from this position in 2015 and focuses on Business Development activities. Prior to joining Trinity Biotech, Dr Walsh was Managing Director of Cambridge Diagnostics Ireland Limited (“CDIL”). He was employed with CDIL since 1987. Before joining CDIL he worked with Fleming GmbH as Research & Development Manager. Dr Walsh holds a PhD degree in Chemistry from University College Galway.

  • Tom Lindsay

    Tom Lindsay joined the Board of Trinity Biotech in October 2022. He has more than 35 years of sales and marketing leadership experience in the global medical diagnostics industry and was President of Alere Inc’s (now Abbotts’s) business in Africa for many years.  Most recently, Mr Lindsay has provided consultancy services to several international in vitro diagnostics businesses. Mr Lindsay currently also serves as a non-executive director for Genedrive plc, a rapid, low-cost molecular diagnostics platform for the identification and treatment of a selection of infectious diseases.

  • Andrew Omidvar Ph.D., MBA

    Andrew Omidvar joined the Board of Trinity Biotech in December 2023. With over twenty-five years of experience leading cross-functional teams to deliver cutting edge technology solutions in a variety of industries. He brings experience in development and product support for data and AI based systems in the medical device industry. Most recently Dr. Omidvar served as  Vice President of Government R&D and Enterprise for Philips.