Immco Diagnostics, a Trinity Biotech company, develops and distributes autoimmune disease diagnostics and reagents to labs worldwide.

Immco assay development led to the first immunofluorescence assay (IFA) for diagnosing celiac disease and the first Western blot assay for autoimmune hearing loss.

Immco offers a wide selection of autoimmune diagnostics under our leading brands: ImmuGlo™, ImmuLisa™, ImmuBlot™, and ImmcoStripe™.

IFA microscopy is the cornerstone of autoimmune diagnostics at Immco. As a leader in developing IFA assays we offer a full range of IFA products for detecting autoimmune diseases. ImmuGlo™ IFA products offer flexible configurations and high quality reagents that ensure reproducibility and ease of use.

ImmuLisa™ Enhanced EIA’s feature highly accurate qualitative and quantitative antibody detection for proper diagnosis in a standardized, easy-to use format.

Immco’s ImmuBlot™ uses Western blot assay methodology to provide highly sensitive, qualitative detection of autoantibodies in serum.

ImmcoStripe™ Line Immunoassays offer a robust and accurate detection method with an identical protocol to western blot. ImmcoStripe™ offer high reproducibility between test trips and lots and easy to interpret results with clean reactions and minimal background.