Lyme Disease/ Borreliosis

Lyme disease or Borreliosis is the most common tick borne disease in Europe and North America. Whilst in North America the vast majority of infections are caused by B. burgdorferi sensu stricto, in Europe B. afzelii and garinii are the most dominant strains.

A two tier diagnostic algorithm is recommended for the laboratory detection of specific antibodies against Borrelia. To obtain a high diagnostic efficiency screening is performed using a very sensitive enzyme immunoassay (EIA). Specimens negative by EIA need not be tested further; all samples with a positive or equivocal result must be confirmed using a highly specific standardized Western Blot. If a patient with suspected early Borreliosis has a negative serology, serologic evidence of infection is best obtained by testing of paired acute- and convalescent phase serum samples.

Trinity biotech provides a range of EIAs, Western blots and IFA systems (US Lyme disease only) for the detection of Borreliosis.

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