Comprehensive Autoimmune Hepatitis Profile includes 001, 003, 146, 147, 154, 169, 172, 400

Category: Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Test Code: 184
Disease: Autoimmune Liver Diseases
Methodology: Indirect Immunofluorescence, Sequence Specific Primers
CPT Code: See individual tests.
Schedule / Turnaround Time: See individual tests for scheduling and turnaround time.
Specimen Requirements:

Specimen need not be refrigerated or frozen. Collect 2-3 ml of blood in a red top or serum separator tube. If possible, separate serum from clot and place into white tube provided with Immco Diagnostics’ collection kits. If separation facilities are not available, the blood can be sent in the tube used for collection.

Sample Stability:

Sample is stable at ambient temperature during shipment. If sample is stored prior to shipment, it is stable refrigerated (2-8˚C) up to five days and frozen (-20˚C or lower) up to one year.


See individual tests.